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Baja UTEP Design

 “volunteers do not necessarily have the time…they just have the heart”

– Elizabeth Andrew

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The Baja SAE Maryland event will not be possible without the assistance of many volunteers, people like you.  Even if you have never been to a Baja event before, this is your opportunity to come out, spend a few days (or only one) learning more about Baja and helping to make this event a success.  You don’t need to know anything about the Baja series…there are many things that you can help with.  If you do have Baja experience, there are specific jobs that we need your help with.

Volunteers get free food and a cool t-shirt…and the best view of the events…right next to the track!

April 17-18 – Pre-competition Work Days

We’re going to need volunteers to set up the courses and get things organized before teams start showing up. It’s also a good time to get familiar with the grounds and layout.

The competition follows a 4-day format:

Thursday, April 19 – Registration

On the first day, teams show up, get in their paddocks, and get registered. There is also a sales presentation on that day where teams present how their vehicle would be produced, marketed, and sold as a low-volume (4,000 unit) enthusiast race car.  Volunteers will assist in team registration and course preparations for dynamic day (Saturday).

Friday, April 20 – Static Events

On the second day, static day, teams have to defend their vehicle design before a panel of engineering professionals, as well as endure detailed scrutiny to ensure it is safe to race. Tech Inspection consists of an engine governor check, frame and safety equipment inspection, and a brake check. Only after passing Tech can teams actually drive their cars.  Volunteers help teams progress through these inspections and continue course preparations for dynamic day (Saturday).

Saturday, April 21 – Short Dynamic Events

The third day is the short dynamic event day. Each team gets two chances at acceleration, hill climb, maneuverability, and suspension and traction. These are solo events designed to test all aspects of performance.  Volunteers are needed for every event to help queue vehicles, record scores, assist vehicles that break or get stuck (we need ATVs and drivers), as well as help spectators and assist in the sponsored lunch for all participants.  Final preparations are also made for the endurance race on Sunday.

Sunday, April 22 – Endurance Race

The competition culminates on the fourth day in a 4-hour endurance race where all 100 cars are on track at the same time, making for some very interesting racing as teams compete against each other and against the terrain of the endurance course.  Volunteers are needed throughout the entire endurance course, to assist in the awards ceremony, and to help clean up the site after the teams depart.  ATVs and drivers are needed to help vehicles that become disabled and other tasks to support the event.